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h4 Privacy information on cookies p span As follows, we will inform you about cookies method of operation on this website (as follows: the “Website or Tascout”) in accordance with the legal provisions included in the article 13 legislative decree n.196/2003 and subsequent modifications (Privacy Code). ul li h5 Definition: span Cookies are small files that are placed on the user’s device or browser by the website he is visiting. These files are stored there so as to be retransmitted to the website once he visits it again. Cookies may not retrieve other information from the user’s hard disk, transmit viruses or obtain any email addresses. Moreover, they are unique for the user’s device or browser. li h5 Our cookies policy span The user is allowed to set his own browser so as to learn when cookies are being sent to him, and, as a consequence, decide whether to delete them or not. Tascout uses cookies according to the following typologies and modalities: ol type="a" li | typologies: ul li personal cookies: Tascout’s cookies, personally managed by the Website Supervisor and used to retrieve information about the modalities in which users consult the site. li third parties’ cookies: these cookies are placed on our partners’ Internet supports. li | purposes: ol li rails session cookies: they are used by the website to identify the user, once he has logged in. Normally, they are active as long as the user is logged in, though in some cases they may persist for several hours after the log out. li rails xsrf-token: security cookies. Rails use them to avoid attacks by external agents while users are logged in, and to prevent authentication violations. Their persistent duration is limited. They are anonymous. li ' Google analytics: this cookies are used by the website in order to obtain its users analytic data (e.g. users’ origin, how long they keep logged in, which pages they access). To learn more about these cookies, please click on a href="" target="blank" Google Analytics terms of service. li h5 Ultimately, all cookies used by Tascout are aimed at performing authentications and monitoring the sessions. span In this regard, some of the aforementioned operations could not be performed without cookies, which, in the cases we considered, are technically necessary. By way of example, access to the site’s reserved areas (e.g. the user’s profile) and its activities could be harder to perform and less secure without authentication cookies. h5 Technical cookies p span The legislative decree n. 196/2003 (Privacy Code), in its current form following the entry into force of the legislative decree n. 69/2012, provides in Article 122, clause 1, that, under certain conditions, cookies may also be used without the user content. For this reason, in particular according to what has been claimed by the European Data Protecting Supervisor of all the member states ( a href="" target="blank" European Data Protecting Supervisor ex. Art. 29, established by the European Union Directive 95/46) in its opinion 04/2012-WP 194 ' , relating to the cookies consent exemption and implemented on 7.6.2012: technical cookies may be used without the prior and informed user consent (i.e. user-input cookies, authentication cookies, user centric security cookies, multimedia players session cookies, load balancing session cookies, UI customization cookies, social plug-in content sharing cookies). In any case, Tascout specifies that of all the used technical cookies, it shall apply number 1 and 2. h5 Third parties cookies p While visiting Tascout, the user might receive cookies belonging to other sites or web servers, provided that such attachments as: images, maps, sounds, links to specific pages of domains residing on other servers, etc. are present. Such cookies are set by those servers and websites supervisors, who do not work for Tascout. Furthermore, Tascout is blameless in the event that some of the aforementioned cookies are sent to the user. Third parties are to be deemed responsible for those actions, in accordance with the requirements established by the Data Protecting Supervisor, who has disposed as follows: “… the obligation to inform the user of the cookies use and, possibly, to obtain his prior consent falls on the supervisor of the site the user is visiting. In the event that a given site has consented the transmission of “third parties cookies”, it is third parties’ responsibility to manage the consent information and acquisition. It is necessary that the user is adequately given notice about their policy, although with the simplified modalities provided for by law, at the moment he is accessing the website, which consents third parties cookies storing, that is to say, at the moment he is accessing third parties provided contents, and in any case, before cookies are downloaded on his device”. p span In the application of those principles, Tascout informs you of the presence on the website of the following third parties cookies: ul li Google analytics (n. 3) span iES Italia Srl br span Registered office: via Canonica 29 - 20154 Milano br span Registered in Milano R.E.A, n. MI - 1968503 br span VAT number: 07580910961 br span Certified mail: