Tascout is a project which has been created to give all boys between the ages of 7 and 17 the opportunity to express and show their talent as football players, with no obstacles related to their social status, nationality or place of birth. On Tascout, everyone can exhibit his skills simply uploading a video (it can be recorded with a mobile), and share the passion for the world’s most popular sport.

As for as the use of its services, Tascout informs the users that their data will be managed in accordance with the applicable law (law n. 196/2003 and subsequent changes) as follows:

Purpose of collected data processing

Tascout collects users data in order to improve the site’s effectiveness, its services and its potentialities, trying to remove those possible obstacles which may hinder its use (linguistic problems, content selection according to age groups). It also aims to perfect its functionalities, such as having greater facility of access to contents or to other accounts, according to the preferences and the interests of the user.

Collected data processing policy

Tascout provides a service which has been designed for minors. For this reason, their data will be exclusively managed after the minor’s parent or guardian has previously consented to release that information when activating the account (see the conditions of use). Should the minor lack the consent, he will not be able to create his own account nor access the site or the services it offers.

Having said that, collected data exclusively refer to those provided by the user. They will be managed as follows:

User-provided data

Users will be able to benefit from all the services we grant only through a Tascout account. Its activation may exclusively be performed by the minor’s parents or guardian, who must complete the registration (link) by providing their (and the minor’s) personal data, their email, and by choosing a personal password. Once the inscription is completed, an email will be sent to the address previously provided. Following the activation of the account, the minor will be asked to insert his personal data such as name, surname, and email (optional). This further information is necessary for the registration to be completed and the service to be active. It is also essential that the minor create a profile visible by the public audience, otherwise he will not be allowed to optimize the site’s purpose, which is sharing contents. The account will have to include: name, age and at least one picture of the user. The minor will also be allowed to insert contents and images related to himself.

Data collected after the use of our services

Tascout reserves the right to collect information about the services consulted by the user and about the modality in which he has used them (e.g. verifying when the user visits a website sponsored by Tascout, or monitoring when he consults the news and the contents on the site).

The processing of collected data is performed through the activities of: collection, registration, organization, conservation, elaboration, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, interruption, communication, deletion and destruction, in accordance with the applicable law.

Tascout will perform those operations through electronic or computerized means.

Tascout uses collected data to manage, protect and improve the site’s effectiveness and the services it offers in order to protect its users and to provide them with tailored contents.

Tascout shall always and in every case request the parent’s or the guardian’s consent on the use of the minor’s data, should they be used for aims which do not correspond to those established in the present privacy protection laws. Consent will be provided in the registration form.


Tascout users will be able to:

  • view and edit the data they have released on the account at any time;
  • set the browser so as to block all cookies, even those related to possible services offered by the site, and even though that may prevent the service from working optimally.

Information shared by the user

The user is reminded that all information he shares with the public audience may be used by third parties, including online search engines. Nevertheless, the user will always be allowed to delete contents previously shared.

Personal data access and modification

The user will always be allowed to access his account’s personal data and, if need be, update or delete them. Exception is made when Tascout is storing them for legitimate commercial or legal aims, in accordance with the regulations concerning data use and processing. The user might be requested to verify his identity before he can carry out the process of updating or editing his personal data.

Tascout will implement all activities necessary to manage the services it provides in order to safeguard the diffusion and/or the (accidental or malicious) destruction of the information provided by the user. For this reason, after the user has deleted some personal data, its remaining copies will not be removed from the server or from the backup systems. By contrast, should the user delete his account for whatever reason, Tascout will commit to deleting all personal data related to him.

Data diffusion and sharing

Tascout shall not provide any societies, organizations or third parties personalities with any user’s personal data or other kind of information, unless one of the following cases occurs:

Users consent

Tascout reserves the right to provide societies, organizations and third parties with the personal data of the adults who have activated their account. The transmission of those data will only be possible provided that they have previously released their consent on the registration form.

Account managed by the domain administrator

The domain administrator will be allowed to access all data related to the user’s account (including email address and other information), should Tascout decide to manage all of its profiles trough this personality. In that case, the administrator will be able to:

  • view the statistics related to the user’s account;
  • edit the user’s account’s password in the event that the account is suspected to have undergone an intrusion attempt by third parties, warn the user about the aforementioned modifications;
  • deactivate or delete the user’s account, should he not comply with theterms and conditions of the service;
  • access all information memorized on the user’s account and/or keep it;
  • receive information about the user’s account in order to respect a current law, or to comply with requests deriving from ongoing legal cases or from a state or governmental source, if these are legitimate and valid;
  • limit the user’s capacity of deleting or editing information or privacy settings.

To learn more, consult domain administrator’s privacy norms.

Legal terms

Tascout shall provide societies, organisations and third parties partners with its users personal data, should the access, use, safeguard or divulgation of those data be considered necessary to:

  • respect possible or applicable laws, ongoing legal cases or requests deriving from state or governmental authorities;
  • apply the current conditions concerning the access and the use of the service offered (including verifying on possible violations);
  • detect, prevent or manage fraud activities or technical, security-related problems; protect Tascout, its users and public audience security, in accordance with the limits defined by the law.

In the event that Tascout is involved in the operations of merger, purchase, or transfer of quota, it shall and in any case grant the discretion of the user personal information. If need be, users will be notified about the transmission of their personal data, or about the application of new or different privacy policy.

Provided information security

Tascout shall comply with all necessary cautions in order to protect itself and all of its users from non-authorized accesses to their information, and from any non-authorized attempts of modification, divulgation and destruction of that information.

Safeguard extension

The privacy policy is valid for all of the services provided by Tascout, including those present on other websites (i.e. advertising services).

This privacy policy is not valid for those services provided by other societies or personalities, including those products or websites which might appear among the search results, or that might hold some references to Tascout’s activities or services. This exclusion also refers to those possible different websites linked by Tascout, and to those websites and personalities advertising Tascout’s activity.

Law application

Tascout verifies the respect of the privacy policy at regular and periodical intervals. Should we receive any written formal claims, we shall contact the sender of the claim, so as to try and solve the problem.


This privacy policy might undergo casual variations, which will in no case decrease the level of safeguard. Modifications will be posted on this page and, should they be highly relevant, we will adequately underline them, so that all users can become acquainted with the news. Copies attesting the previous privacy policies will be stored in any case, so as to permit their consultation.

Law’s recipients

Since Tascout has been created and designed for minors, we reiterate that it is essential that an adult in possession of the qualifications required by the law (parent or guardian) create the account, eventually authorising the management of the data. The adult and not the minor shall then be part of the contract with Tascout, and receive all the dispositions stored both in this document, and in the general conditions of access and use of the service (click here). The adult will also be responsible for all kind of behaviour implemented by the minor.

Data controller responsible

The data controller responsible for all information provided by the users is iES Italia S.r.l., Via Canonica 29, Milano. VAT and Fiscal Code registration number: 07580910961