Art. 1 - Introduction

  • 1.1 - Tascout is a project born to give all boys aged between 9 and 17 the chance to express and introduce their football talent, without conditions or barriers depending on social status, nationality or birth-place.By sending a simple video, registered also by mobile phone,everyone can have the chance to be seen by the people registered in the web site, sharing the common passion for the most popular and practised sport in the world. As time goes by, we hope that Tascout becomes an instrument to connect football societies, scouter and young football player, and also a windows to connect fans by giving space to their opinions in the respect of competitions, antagonist and play. Since we are all football fans.
  • 1.2 - Tascout.com is available in the web at the address https://www.tascout.com, and it includes an online interactive platform called Tascout, necessary to socialize and grow within football sphere and also to give the registered people a real chance to be noted.

Art. 2 - The contractual relationship

  • 2.1 - The use of web site (later on: the “site”) and of every linked product, channel, software and services supplied to the user in or through the site by Tascout.com (Product and services on the whole called the “services”), is subjected to the terms of a legally binding contract between the user and iES Italia Srl, the company that is the owner of the site, with registered office in Milano, via Canonica 29
  • 2.2 - The contract between the user and iES Italia S.r.l. is constituted by (A) terms and conditions shown in this document and (B) Privacy Policy of Tascout.com, on the whole called “terms”.
  • 2.3 - The terms constitute a legally binding agreement between iES Italia S.r.l. and the user, as concerns the service utilization from the last one; they are also applied to all the users, including the ones that insert contents.
  • 2.4 - The “contents” include text elements, software, script, graphic elements, photos, sound and musical contents, videos, audiovisual combinations interactive functionalities and other material that can be visualized or approached or inserted in the service by the user.
  • 2.5 - These terms and conditions are applied to the utilization of Tascout.com from the user, as well as to each service or content that is available through Tascout.com. Users are invited to read these terms and conditions carefully, and they must be sure they have understood the content, before making use of the “site” and linked services, since these terms and conditions can affect the rights and can involve liability chargeable to the user.

Art. 3 - Acceptance of the terms

  • 3.1 - Before entering and making use of Tascout.com, the users must accept these terms and conditions of utilization: the non acceptance of these terms prevents him from entering the service.
  • 3.2 - Since the site is only directed to under-age users, the account creation - according to the terms shown in the following Art.4- will have to be effected by means of a parent or a legal guardian, wo will act on their own and in the minor’s interest, therefore they will be parties of this agreement and addresses of the rules comprised in it. At the moment of account creation on behalf of the minor, the full-aged user will have to give his full particulars and his e-mail address, by virtue of this role. After the procedure of registration, the communications of the occurred profile creation will be sent to this e-mail address.
  • 3.3 - At the moment of the minor’s account creation (See Art.4), the above-mentioned user (parent or tutor) will have to accept the utilization terms and conditions,as well as the privacy policy. If the user doesn’t intend to be bound by these terms and conditions, he cannot enter or make use of the “site”.
  • 3.4 - People, who cannot make use of the service or accept terms and condition, are: (a) under age users who don’t effect the registration through a parent or a guardian; (b) the subjects legally prevented or inhibited from receiving or making use of the service, according to italian law as well as to the laws of their country; (c) the full-aged subjects, who intend to enter the platform directly and not in their capacity of parents or legal guardians, and in the minor’s interest. The subject, who enters the service violating these provisions, will be immediately deleted by the site manager, as soon as the violation is in evidence.
  • 3.5 - When a parent or a legal guardian creates the account, and, in this way, he consent that his sons or minors under hi warship enter the web site, he gives hi assent to be bound by these terms and conditions regarding the service utilization from his sons or minors under his wardship. Furthermore, he agrees to the utilization conditions and to the privacy policy as regards his data and minor’s data, that he gives at the moment of the account creation.
  • 3.6 - Like a lot of online services, Tascout.com utilizes a function called cookie, that is a small data file sent to the user’s browser by a server web and stored in the rigid disk of the user’s device. The references to cookie in these terms include also means of access or automatic storage of information on the user’s device. The user is free not to accept cookie when the pertinent window with the request appears, but some types of cookie are necessary for the working of Tascout.com; if there is no acceptance, the users cannot enter the service and other restrictions in the enjoyment of offered services can occur. In any case information, gathered through the above_mentioned analytical cookie, appears in a joint and anonymous form, and the user cannot be personally isentified. For further information, please consult thePrivacy Policy of Tascout.com
  • 3.7 - Other terms and conditions could be applied as concerns particular services or activities offered through the site. In these circumstances, Tascout.com will take care of publishing these terms and conditions referring to the involved activity or service. These additional terms and conditions are to be considered in addition to these terms and conditions. If there are discrepancies; the additional terms and conditions will prevails over these terms and conditions, only within particular services and activities offered.

Art. 4 - Conditions and general limitations for the use.

  • 4.1 - With this agreement, iES Italia S.r.l. authorized under age users, whose parent or tutor completed the procedure of the account creation, to enter and utilize the “site” and the service at the following condition; the petitioning parent or tutor states that he looked over these conditions and integrally accepted them,also in the name of the minor under his wardship. The eventual non-observance of even only one of these conditions for the access and the user the “site” and of the service, is a violation of these terms and it can involve a direct liability of the full-aged subject, who completed the procedure to enter the site.
  • 4.2 - The user’s parent or legal guardian states that he knew, understood and integrally accepted the terms and conditions for the access and use of the service afterwards referred.
  • 4.3 - The under age minor’s parent or legal guardian states, on his own responsibility, that the minor will undertake to comply with all the other provisions of terms and conditions of utilization, as well as with the guide-lines of behaviour of Tascout.com community, for the duration of the access to the site and of utilization of the service.
  • 4.4 - Tascout.com is an object of continuous innovation, in order to supply his users with the best possible experience.The user recognizes and accept that the form and nature of the service - supplied by Tascout.com - can change without previous notice, time by time.
  • 4.5 - The minor’s parent or legal guardian accept to be the only one responsible for any violation made by the minor under his wardship, as concerns the obligations contained in these terms and conditions and for the consequences of these violations, by exempting iES Italia S.r.l. and the eventual site manager from every responsibility towards him or a third party.

Art. 5 - Changes of terms and conditions

  • 5.1 - Tascout.com can periodically make changes in these terms and conditions, for instance in case of changes regarding laws or rules or functions offered by the service.Therefore, we advise the user to control terms and conditions for the utilization of the service.If the user goes on utilizing the service after the publication of changed terms and conditions, this use will be an implicit acceptance.

Art. 6 - Conditions to have access to the site and creation of the account

  • 6.1 - Tascout.com is directed only to users aged between 9 and 17, who - since they are under age, - will have to follow a particular procedure before entering the site (See Art. 7).
  • 6.2 - In order to have access to the site and to use the offered functions, the user must have an internet connection and a browser.
  • 6.3 - It is also necessary to create a personal account, in order to enter the site and the services offered in it. At the moment of the account creation, according to the directions and in the respect of the conditions referred in the art. 4 and art. 7, the under age user’s parent or legal guardian will have to give their full particulars and an e-mail address and create a password, so that not authorized subjects cannot have access to it.
  • 6.4 - The user has to send a timely notice, as concerns any change in the previously supplied data, by bringing his own account data up-to-date, in the setting page.
  • 6.5 - The account is for the exclusive and personal use of the minor, whose parent or legal guardian accepts to be the only one responsible subject (either towards iES Italia S.r.l. or towards a third party) for every activity created through his own account. The user must not share his personal data and the general lines of his account with a third party, since the user is considered responsible for every activity carried out through his own password or account, without his knowing it.
  • 6.6 - Through the creation of an account, the user engage himself to keep his access data or if becomes acquainted with an improper use of them or with a safety violations in the use of his own account, his parent or tutor will have to inform the site manager through an e-mail, immediately.
  • 6.7 - Tascout.com arranged a lot of measures, so that the minors are allowed to enter and use the site in safety.In order to make these protective measures effective, the parent or legal guardian must not allow his sons and/or minors under his wardship to create their own accountably themselves, but he himself has to create the account and in the future he has to control the use of the service.In fact, even thought that account created by the parent or tutor is in the minor’s interest, the parents or tutors, since they are of full age, will be personally bound by these terms and conditions, as well as responsible for any eventual violation.The user cannot transfer his own account to a third party, and he cannot allow this one ( except his parents or legal guardian ) to enter his personal account.

Art. 7 - Wardship of minors

  • 7.1 - The under age user can be registered and use Tascout.com only after his parent or legal guardian has completed the inscription procedure; and, in any way, before having access to the service, he will have to examine these terms and conditions with the above mention people, in order to be sure that everyone has fully understood them.The user’s parents or legal guardians can revoke their consent to the utilization of the site in any moment, with the consequent deletion of minor’s access to his own account from the manager.The account creation from the parent or legal guardian, according to these terms and conditions and following span< a href=new_user_registration_path the inscription procedure - that can be found on the site will be a sign of the occurred consent to the minor’s registration and utilization of the site.
  • 7.2 - At the moment of the account creation, the parent or legal guardian will have to give his full particulars and his e-mail adoress, as well as he will have to accept these terms and conditions on his own and on behalf of the under age user, confirming that user is allowed to enter and utilize the site and the service.
  • 7.3 - The under age user will not be allowed to enter or utilize his own account and the service, until his parents or legal guardians have completed the registration procedure.If the parents or legal guardians don’t issue their consent, the minor cannot create and utilize the account and the service offered by the site.

Art. 8 - Personal data

  • 8.1 - We export the parent or legal guardian, as well as the under age user, not to reveal sensible personal data ( their surname, date of birth, place of residence, etc. ), and also phone numbers, during the utilization of the site and its functionalities.For further information regarding the personal data given by the user, we refer to the Privacy Policy

Art. 9 - Inactive accounts

  • 9.1 - The manager reserves to himself the right to close the user’s access to the site and to the offered service, deleting the pertinent account and each personal information contained in it, including the ones produced by the user, when there is no activity on the account from the user, for more than 6 months on end.

Art. 10 - Contents supplied by the user and/or a third party and user’s activity on the site.

  • 10.1 - Any information, material and content, that the user publishes, adds or otherwise sends on the site, will be subjected to the guide-lines shown in these terms and conditions: the user will also have to conform to them, in his own activity of issue and forwarding.
  • 10.2 - Any regular holder of an account can insert contents. Tascout.com doesn’t any reservedness as concerns the inserted contents.
  • 10.3 - Only the user is responsible for his contents and their consequences, when they have been published or loaded on line. Tascout.com doesn’t guarantee any contents or opinion, warning or advice that are in these contents, and declines any liability concerning these contents.
  • 10.4 - The user recognizes and warrants to be in possession (even during the service’s utilization) of all the necessary licenses, rights, assents, permits and authorization required, so that Tascout.com can utilize the contents introduced to the site by the user, according to the provisions of these terms and conditions.
  • 10.5 - The management of the user in the website, and all the introduced contents will have to respect these terms and conditions.
  • 10.6 - The user is not allowed to publish or load contents that are unlawful in Italy or in the country where the user is resident, and whose utilization could be unlawful for the manager, as concerns the service supplied.
  • 10.7 - The contents presented in the service cannot have, as object, material covered by copyright or subjected to other rights of a third party (including privacy rights or publication’s rights), unless the user as a formal licence or a permit from the lawful owner, or he is, in a different way, legally authorized to publish this material and to grant iES Italia S.r.l. the respective utilization license (See Art.11).
  • 10.8 - If the site manager gets knowledge of any potential violation of these terms and condition of utilization, in any moment, without notice and on his discretion, he can remove the contents inserted in violation and/or he can inhibit the user from loading other contents.
  • 10.9 - On the ground of the directions referred in the foregoing paragraphes, the user ensures that:
    • each content, that is created, published or loaded on the site by him will be legal and not slanderous threatening bothersome insulting, obscene, discriminating, potentially vexatious, child pornographic, inciting to hate or to violence, otherwise unpleasant or embarrassing for a third party;
    • any information- supplied by him through his own account- will be careful, truthful and up to date from every point of view and in any moment and not deceitful;
    • after receiving a signalling for the non-respect of the above mentioned behaviour’s rule, he will immediately stop any contested violation;
    • he will use the site only for lawful purposes, according to these term and conditions;
    • he will not have bothersome, unlawful or misleading behaviour towards a third party, contacted through the site;
    • every loaded content doesn’t violate copyright, and if the content doesn’t belong to him, he ensures to be allowed to use it by the copyright’s regular holder, and also to permits its utilization according to these terms and conditions also from the site manager and any person authorized by the site. If the contents refer to minors, the users must be allowed to use it by the parents of minor involved.
  • 10.10 - In addition to what foreseen in the foregoing paragraphs, the user cannot peremptorily:
    • spread or publish any connection, including connections to websites, files or connections that cause the opening or execution of programs, without a written authorization from the manager;
    • make changes or alterations in the site or in any offered services;
    • have access to the contents by means of technology or a way different from the pages of the site itself, except other eventual means, that the manager expressly indicates for this purpose;
    • evade (or try to evade), to leave off,or in a different way, interfere with any element bound to the safety of the site and of the service or their utilization;
    • use the site or the service (including the comments and the configurations of the emails on the site)in oreder to urge and/or to improve businesses or in connection with a trade activity, unless there is a previous written authorization from the manager. In particular,it is expressly forbidden to sell advertising sponsorships and promotions positioned on the site or inside the service or in the inserted contents;
    • publish or transmit advertising and commercial or promoting solicitation;
    • spread or issue spam, particularly by sending marketing messages, not required, or other messages to a third party, or distribute or issue letters in succession or with pyramidal schemes;
    • spread virus or any other technology that can damage the site or the users interests or otherwise interfere with systems and servers of the sites management;
    • use or launch any computerized system (including no limit robots, spiders or off line readers) that has access to the site and to the service, so as to send more messages of request to the servers in a certain period of time, than a person can perform in the same period, by using a standard web browser (i.e. not modified), that is available in public;
    • spread or issue any message concerning controversy with the manager, regarding is behavior in the utilization of the site and of the service;
    • gather or collect any personal information of the sites users (and the user recognizes that the account name will be also considered personal information);
    • copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, spread, visualize, sell, grant the licence or exploit the contents without a previous written assent from the manager or from the respective licences regular holders; in particular, it’s expressly forbidden to copy, modify or spread any content or distinctive mark that belongs to iES Italia S.r.l. or to a their party, including commercial partners of iES Italia S.r.l (the “partners”) and other users of the site, without their previous explicit consent;
    • allow other people or bodies to utilize their own access data or account, in order to issue or visualize comments or to communicate with other users;
    • have any behavior than can limit or inhibit the use or the enjoyment of the site from a third party, or that can expose the manager to liabilities or prejudices of any type.
  • 10.11- Before permitting the sites visualization or spreading, the manager reserves, to himself, the right to look over the contents (including the publication and loading carried out by the users) and, eventually, to delete materials that have been introduced by violating the provisions of these term and conditions. Even if the manager does is best in order to avoid the visualization of unlawful or inadequate material, by means of its deletion before it appears on the site, it is not possible to guarantee that the whole material is deleted in every issue and loading. In particular, the manager declines any liability for the truthfulness or exactness of contents produced by avery single user or for the control of the ownership of the contents issued or loaded on the site.
  • 10.12 - Any information, published through the functionalities available on the site, reflects the only opinion of the person that issues or sends it, and it doesn’t necessarily reflect the manager’s opinion
  • 10.13 - Every user acts on his own account, and never as manager’s agent, therefore the manager declines any liability, as concerns actions carried out by the users.

Art. 11 - Improper use of the site and responsibility of the users

  • 11.1 - The contents, produced on the site by the users, are constantly monitored by the manager. In any case, if the user notices offensive contents or inadequate behaviors that can threaten, damage or offend him, or is the user thinks that a content on the site is outrageous or violates these terms and conditions, he can either point out the content thorough especial push-button, or contact the manager in the following email address social@tascout.com
  • 11.2 - If there is an improper use of the account, the manager reserves, to himself, the right to carry out one or more following measures:
    • to register the content that has been produced, issued or loaded on the site by the user;
    • to investigate the complains, eventually by deleting or asking for the deletion of the contents that have been inserted without respecting these terms and conditions;
    • to delete, without notice, any content produced by the user, that can be considered offensive, unlawful or that violates these term and conditions;
    • To interrupt temporarily or shut down the users access to the site, on his only discretion, if these terms and conditions have been violated. The period of temporary interruptions can change, according to the importance of the violations.
  • 11.3 - Any decision to delete or to ask for the deletion of the content generated by the user, or to shut down interrupt the account, is to be considered definitive and binding. The shutting down or the interruption of an account can be carried out for any account that could be used by the users, even though it had not been opened by him.
  • 11.4 - The user accepts to utilize the site and the service only in compliance with these terms and conditions. If the site is used in violation or not in accordance with these and conditions, the users,- and personally is parent or legal guardian -, will have to indemnify the manager and the eventual trade partners for any damage, cost or loss.

Art. 12 - Defence of copyright

  • 12.1 - iES Italia S.r.l. adopts the following policy about copyright as concerns the contents inserted on the site.
  • 12.2 - In particular, by publishing or loading produced material on the site, i.e. texts, images, videos or other things, the user warrants:
    1. to be the holder of any right (including royalties, regarding the generated content of anyhow to be in possession of all the necessary authorization, in order to make this content available through the site, according to these terms and conditions, as well as in order to permit its utilization through the site in the newsletters, within the community and also from any authorized third party (trade partners and not). The user will have to give evidence of these authorizations, if the manager requests it;
    2. neither to act in violation of any people’s right, nor to infringe any law or rule (including laws concerning privacy and personal data handling);
  • 12.3 - When the user adds contents in the site, he gives the site’s manager and any authorized third party-including trade partners-, the unconditional power to use, and use again, to copy, to adapt, to shorten, to change, to spread, to modify, to translate, to issue, to carry out, to visualize, to develop, to riproduce, to communicate and make this content available by anyway (well-known at the moment or capable to develop in the future), including services “on demand”, transmission services, trade services and not, everywhere int the world. For instance, it includes the licence to make the user’s content available to other users, by means of the site, to enclose the content in the newsletter sent to the other users.
  • 12.4 - The user can look over the contents published on the site by at third party, but he can never utilize, modify, remove obscure or change these contents, including any eventual information about property or copyright.
  • 12.5 - The user of the site cannot forward, load, issue or transmit any material that violates at third party’s rights of intellectual property. The manager doesn’t make himself directly responsible for any violation of this prohibition from his users. When there is a violation of the above-mentioned prohibition, from the user the manager has the power to revoke the rights to use and have access to the site, with the consequence closing of the account, and subject to compensation for damages, that this violation can eventually cause to iES Italia S.r.l. and to the manager.

Art. 13 - Contents

  • 13.1 - With the exception of the contents inserted by every single user, the whole material on the site belongs to tascout S.r.l. or, however, it has been granted by licence to iES Italia S.r.l.; this material is protected by italian normative law, that defends ingenious works, and by eventual provisions of foreign or international laws, if they are prevailing, according to the principles of international private law.
  • 13.2 - Any distinctive mark on the site and/or in the contents, even though loaded or published by the user, remains a distinctive mark of their holders. These contents cannot be unloaded, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, spread, visualized, sold, granted by licence or exploited for any other purpose without a previous write authorization fro iES Italia S.r.l. or, if possible, from the holders.
  • 13.3 - The contents comprise any information or any other material that is on the site, including texts, database, graphic elements, software and all the other functionalities. The user cannot reproduce or publish, outside the site, the contents that appear on the site and that have not been inserted by him, unless the user has been expressly authorized by the manager. In anyway the user can never:
    • utilize these contents from commercial purposes;
    • modify these contents;
    • remove,obscure or chance any direction concerning the property and copyright relating to these contents.

Art. 14 - Hyperlinks

  • 14.1 - The site and service can include hyperlinks with other websites, that don’t belong to iES Italia S.r.l. or are not controlled by it. In that case, iES Italia S.r.l. and the manager don’t assume personal responsibility for the content, privacy policy or conditions of web sites belonging to a third party.If the user user decides to have access to the above mentioned web site belonging to a third party, it will occurr at his peril.
  • 14.2 - iES Italia S.r.l. and the manager will not be answerable for the accessibility to any site or external resource; they don’t guarantee any advertising product or other materials existing or available on these sites.
  • 14.3 - iES Italia S.r.l. and the manager cannot be considered liable for any loss or damage, that the user can eventually suffer in consequence of the access to these sites or external resources, or according to the user’s reliance on the contents of advertisement or other materials, that are present or available on these sites an resources.
  • 14.4 - If the user utilizes a linked site, any personal information supplied to it will be conducted according to the privacy policy of the linked site and not according to the privacy policy of this site. The manager exhorts the user to read the term, conditions and the privacy policy of the linked sites carefully, before using them and giving them their personal data.
  • 14.5 - The user cannot absolutely connect to external sites, to his own site, or to a third party’s site without a previous, explicit authorization fro the site manager.
  • 14.6 - iES Italia S.r.l. and the manager reserves- to themselves- the right to revoke the assent to connect to external site, in every moment, also without notice.
  • 14.7 - The contents on the sites of a third party, that have been made available, stay under the sole liability of their managers, and no dispute about the matter can be raised towards the manager of this site.

Art. 15 - Software of a third party

  • 15.1 - The user agrees that he could have to unload and activate some softwares, in order to utilize some contents, supplied on the site. These softwares will be clearly identified on the same site.
  • 15.2 - If he wants to utilize software or technology of a third party, the user could have to accept the term of a contract of licence with the above-mentioned third party. The user agrees that the manager will be neither liable, nor deputed to contro the third party’s softwares.

Art. 16 - Discontinuance of the relationship

  • 16.1 - These terms and conditions will be in force up to the relationship’s discontinuance from the user or from iES Italia S.r.l., according to previsions and terms specified later on.
  • 16.2 - If the user intends to withdraw from his relationship with iES Italia S.r.l., he can do it individually, by closing his account. The closing of an account from the user will involve the automatic deletion of all the data loaded on the platform of iES Italia S.r.l.
  • 16.3 - iES Italia S.r.l. can rescind this contract with the user in any moment if:
    • the user violates any provision of these terms and conditions;
    • the relationship’s cancellation is imposed by law (for instance, whereas the service supplying to the user is or becomes unlawful);
    • iES Italia S.r.l. is no more disposed to supply the service to the users in Italy and/or in the country where the user lives or utilizes the service.
    However, in all these cases,iES Italia S.r.l. will have to send communication of this cancellation with a reasonable notice to the e-mail address given by the parent or legal guardian of the under age user, at the moment of his account’s creation.
  • 16.4 - If the relationship is rescinded, all the rights, the duties and liabilities that iES Italia S.r.l. and the user had (or that grew during the period when these terms and conditions were in force), for which the prosecution is expected indefinitely and however after relationship’s cancellation, will be binding and they will be put into operation.

Art. 17 - Exclusions and limitations of liability

  • 17.1 - The service is supplied “as it is” and iES Italia S.r.l. and the manager don’t grant any guarantee or statement referring to it.
  • 17.2 - No condition, guarantee or other term (including any implicit term of satisfactory quality, suitability for a purpose or compliance with the description) can be applied to the service, unless it is expressly settled in these terms and conditions.
  • 17.3 - The manager engages himself to control the site’s functionality and to correct eventual mistakes at the right time, and to solve bad workings that he comes to know. However, the manager doesn’t give any assurance as concerns the availability of the site or of any service included in it, and, therefore, he declines any liability for the eventual technical problems, that the user can have because of interruption in the site’s working or in the supplied services, or because of bugs or computer virus that can be present in the site, or in the server, or in the contents available through the site. The user has to carry out the suitable procedures and protections, to assure that any file-inserted or extracted from the site- hasn’t the above- mentioned contaminations or other prejudicial characteristic.
  • 17.4 - The manager will be not responsible, if the impossibility to assure the access to the site and the enjoyment of its services and content, is due to exstraordinary circumstances that cannot be expected, such as fire, flood and other causes such as trade disputes strikes, blocks, limitations to import and export, rebellions, accidents, disturbance in the energy supply, tumults, terroristic action or war.
  • 17.5 - The manager doesn’t assume any liability for the losses and prejudices suffered from the user, because of temporary service’s interruptions, or because of other anomalies that can be caused by the circumstances mentioned in the paragraphes 17.3 and 17.4; and, in particular, for any loss concerning income or earnings turn over, negotiation, data, profit, starting up, reputation, chances, waste of time in the elaboration or management; i.e. any indirect and connected loss, also economic loss.
  • 17.6 - In any case, nothing of what foreseen in these terms and conditions, can break any low regulating the user’s rights (therefore consumer’s rights), unless these rights are expressly modified or the user waves them.
  • 17.7 - No expectation, contained in these terms and conditions, can exclude or limit the liability of iES Italia S.r.l. in case of fraud or gross negligence, and for losses and/or limited according to the enforceable law.

Art. 18 - Notices

  • 18.1 - The under age user’s parent or legal guardian agrees that the notices with the manager, regarding the site’s utilization, take place through email. According to the contractual purposes, the parent or the legal guardian consents to the use of this electronic media, and he recognizes that all the contract, warnings, information and other communications give by the manager, through email, satisfy the low provisions, that eventually must be in writing. In any case this statement of assent is not prejudicial to the user’s rights.

Art. 19 - Other things

  • 19.1 - This terms and conditions form the whole contract, that is legally binding, between under age user’s parent or lega guardian and iES Italia S.r.l.; They regulate the access to the site and the use of the service, and they completely replace any eventual previous agreement between the above mentioned subjects and iES Italia S.r.l. as concerns the site’s utilization and the access to the service.
  • 19.2 - The parties agree that, when they draw up an agreement under these term and conditions, they don’t rely on statements, engagements or assurances different from the ones in question or implied during eventual negotiations before this agreement, except what expressly declared in these terms and conditions.
  • 19.3 - The invalidity of one or more clauses of these term and conditions, according to the law, is not prejudicial to the validity and the efficacy of the other clauses.
  • 19.4 - This agreement is personally drawn up with the under age user’s parent or legal guardian.The contracting party cannot transfer or cede any right, deriving from this agreement and from these terms and conditions, to a third party, except the power to act on behalf of the minor in virtue of his role (parent or legal guardian).
  • 19.5 - If the user violates these terms and conditions, however iES Italia S.r.l. can ignore these violations and mention its rights towards the user, and/or it can defer or condition eventual requests for compensation to furtherr violations from the user himself, without considering it a disclaimer of these rights.
  • 19.6 - These terms and conditions don’t give rise to any right that can be individually operated by a person different from those who draw up this agreement.

Art. 20 - Enforceable law and jurisdiction

  • 20.1 - These terms and conditions will be able to be translated into different languages, but the italian translation will have authority.Any dispute or claim deriving from or tied to the agreement (including not contractual claims and disputes), will be regulated and interpreted according to the Italian law.Any consequent claim or dispute is subject to the sole jurisdiction of Italian law-courts, except the consumer’s right to defend himself or to institute legal actions in his country of origin and/or in his residence, and to avail himself of the legal protection eventually supplied by the laws in force in his country and/or in his residence, if this is legally possible, according to the provisions of international private law.

Art. 21 - General information

  • 21.1 - iES Italia S.r.l. states that the parties of this agreement,-to whom its rules are addressed-,are full-aged people (parents or legal guardians), who have to complete the procedure of registration to the site, on their behalf or on behalf of the minor.They are considered users of the offered service, and therefore they will be responsible for any eventual violation committed by the minor during the enjoyment of the service.
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